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Safety/Security Window Film Applications

Custom Tint installs invisible security window film that offers you safety and security to protect valuables from theft. The protective window film is a heavy duty polyester film that bonds to the interior of new or existing glass making the window 300 times stronger!

Custom Tint security film helps to protect students and their classrooms by providing glass fragment retention to the big classroom windows in safe non-obvious security solutions. It also helps minimize theft and break ins, while providing comforting shade.

Here are some schools we've partnered with:


These special safety window films can help protect you and your family or employees from glass breakage during severe storms, natural disasters, violent acts, vandalism, theft and accidents. Luckily, here in Central Oregon we don't worry too often about natural disasters, but keep in mind that over time glass can crack or wear out from its frame. When glass falls and shatters it becomes dangerous and can cause damage and injury. You can help prevent this by simply adding safety window film.


Custom Tint's window tinting film product line offers complete protection range for safety and security in addition to solar heat reduction, privacy and insulation. Safety window film can be easily installed to the interior of new or existing glass; the film appears like an invisible shield that holds glass shards intact when a pane breaks. Various levels of protection are available to take care of different hazard levels.

View a video on our safety window film below!