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Decorative Window Films


Custom Window tint graphics transforms glass to decorative and unique design surfaces. Use your imagination, create a look and feel you want.

Custom Tint, along with Visual Element Graphic Overlays, makes the impossible, possible!

Our team holds a unique position when it comes to the media it chooses to recommend, we test media from the window film and signage industries to achieve a hybrid of overlays to fulfill and surpass project requirements.

Custom Tint transparent and translucent media can be installed as is to creatively control viewing privacy. Using the latest in printing technology, CT, can create custom textures, images, and patterns or simulate resin and glass designs. Be sure to explore these websites for ideas! &

Here's a before and after of a graphic overlay!

Decorative window film transforms ordinary glass into beautiful and customizable design surfaces, which allows for privacy, decoration and personalized touches. Custom Tint's glass enhancement window films that give the appearance of expensive etched glass. These decorative window treatments come in different, customizable patterns and shades and can be easily removed and replaced if you want to update the appearance at a later time.

Sports Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films come in many different styles and colors. Be sure to visit the VEGO website or click the following link  to view additional samples of decorative films


See the video on the VEGO website about decorative window treatments with window enhancement films -- you'll be impressed with the ease of installation and the wide range of decorative window designs available.