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Panorama Hilite

Hilite is Solar Gard's flagship product line, blocking 55% of the total solar energy while being barely visible.

Panorama CX Ceramic 

Solar Gard's ceramic products leverage solar absorbing technology to provide high heat rejection without sacrificing views.

Both films use Nano-Ceramic Technology which has been used on space shuttle equipment and is what makes the Stealth Bomber undetectable-- so just think about the impact this technology can have tinting your windows. Because of its long-term durability, there are exceptional warranties.

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See the Difference in New Window Film Technology!

Old and New Window Tint Comparison

A Clear Solution -- Window film allows visible light in, gives a clear view to outside (day or night), and reduces heat, fading, harmful skin cancer causing rays, and makes windows less vulnerable to breakage -- therefore more safe.

Asset Protection -- Fading occurs whether exposure is from intense sunlight over a short period of time or weak sunlight over a long period of time. During winter months, when you want heat, is the most damaging. 

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