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Advanced Window Tinting: A Cost-Effective Solution for Comfort, Protection, and Energy Savings

Residential Window Tinting

Bend Oregon boasts 300 days of sunshine each year, which can be a good thing, but can also cause concern -- particularly with energy costs rising and environmental resources becoming more sensitive in Central Oregon.

Locally-owned and operated Custom Tint can help provide simple, cost-efficient window tinting solutions. Their solar control window tinting films offer a cost-effective solution, while providing numerous benefits. Residential window films work by screening out the undesirable side effects of natural sunlight: significant amounts of solar energy, minimal visible light and blocking nearly 100% of ultraviolet.

With professional window tinting, you'll experience immediate benefits, such as improved comfort, reduced energy consumption, minimized glare and a more temperate climate. Plus, long-term you’ll find the color of your furnishings and decor stay truer, with less chance of premature fading.


Residential window films can compliment any style of home and are available in a variety of shades, colors and performance levels. You can choose from lighter, more subtle films your eye will hardly notice, to more reflective films for greater privacy and higher performance.