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Huper Optik and Nano-Ceramic Window Tinting Technology
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German manufacturer Huper Optik is on the cutting edge of window film technology worldwide. Its patented ceramic window tinting technology is now available in residential and commercial markets. This state-of-the-art window film determines which part of the light spectrum to transmit and which to reject. It permits visible rays and deters harmful infrared and UV rays with low reflectivity and optical clarity.

Nano-Ceramic Technology has been used on space shuttle equipment and is what makes the Stealth Bomber undetectable-- so just think about the impact this technology can have tinting your windows. Because of its durability, there is a lifetime warranty.

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A Clear Solution -- Window film allows visible light in, gives a clear view to outside (day or night), and reduces heat, fading, harmful skin cancer causing rays, and makes windows less vulnerable to breakage -- therefore more safe.

Asset Protection -- Fading occurs whether exposure is from intense sunlight over a short period of time or weak sunlight over a long period of time. During winter months, when you want heat, is the most damaging. 

It’s Hard to Believe What Window Tinting Can Do …

·         Makes a room more comfortable while conserving energy

·         Preserves furnishings, fabrics and artwork

·         Tames harsh glare, while protecting your eyes

·         Helps protect your entire family form the dangers of UV induced skin 
            diseases and photosensitivity

·         Acts as a safety shield in the event of broken glass

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See the Difference in New Window Film Technology!

Older window films must stop visible light to reduce heat. Ceramic films let more light in while cutting out infrared heat. It also minimizes reflectivity from inside light sources during the night.  Nano-ceramic film is 100% metal free and dye-free and will never fade. Spectrally tuned ceramic window films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility, have low reflectivity and do not appear shiny. This patented technology enables these window films to easily outperform all conventional dyed and metallic window films available today, while maintaining a clear view. You'll enjoy 365 days of fade control --shades up or down-- at home or not.

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